The ”” site is an initiative of ”PACT” – which is, in turn, a coalition of various youth organizations that cooperate with one another to guarantee the well-being and human rights of everyone, along with their love and sexual relationships.

Founded in the year 2015, by Linda Lara, the PACT was formed by smaller groups from across the United States. Lara decided that the possibility for the improvements of all those areas in a person’s life can only be achieved through a collective effort.

Linda truly believed in that famous saying: “Diversity is our strength.”

Our Experts

PhD Linda Lara

Mrs Linda Lara has graduated from the University of Harvard with a PhD in Sociology. The reasons for happiness and a sense of fulfilment in one’s life is what inspired her to undertake this course.

Besides her academic achievements, Mrs Lara has travelled to a great extent around the world, and as she explored every country, each aspect of culture and customs were observed by her and provided more insight. But in the end, one aspect that is common to all people and all the nations is love – Love is what moves humanity forward, and the main reason linked to the level of how happy a person is in life.

Not only is love directly related to happiness, but also a healthy sexual relationship. And this is why Linda Lara has partnered with various specialists for multiple decades now, since the 2010s.

Dr Barry Smith

One such example is Dr Barry Smith, a leader in sexology and sex therapy. Dr Smith’s academic experience comes from the University of Wisconsin, and he has also specialized in sex therapy for couples. Barry Smith knows that healthy and active sex life is key to a successful relationship, especially when it comes to birth and fertility. After all, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, love moves humanity forward, and this is basically done through procreation.

And so, Linda Lara, along with Dr Barry Smith and others, in addition to diverse youth organizations and their leaders, have formed the ”PACT”. Love, health, well-being… All of these elements combined make for the solution to a joyful and happier life for every and any person. Human rights are a critical issue as well.

Therefore, it is always taken into consideration when it comes to building and maintaining healthy and successful relationships between people that come from all walks of life.

That is why youthPACT is constantly observing and monitoring all these areas that directly impact our lives.

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