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Why? Because iCount! Join the iCount competition!

Interested in helping young people to take charge of their health?  Do you have the next big idea about how young people can share their own experiences and views in issues related to their health, sexual lives and identity?

JOIN the iCount Competition hosted by The PACT, with support from UNAIDS.  You could win $15,000, & be a thought leader in health.


How to Enter:


  • Submit a 3 minute video and a completed proposal (technical and financial) (See proposal guidelines  here) to participate in the competition to contactyouthpact@gmail.com by 29 February 2016.
  • In order to be considered for prizes, submissions must be original software applications solely owned by the entrant(s).
  • Your pitch must include a tool that is:
  • simple & easy to use
  • targeted at young people with varying levels of literacy
  • interactive, engaging & motivating to use
  • address the 2 main objectives: which are 1) empowering young people to share their experiences through knowledge of sexual and reproductive health rights, services, education and build self confidence around these issues 2) using youth empowerment to lead the charge on ending the AIDS epidemic


The PACT and UNAIDS will announce the 1st prize winner (15,000 USD) and 3 honorable mentions (2,000 USD each).


What we want to measure

  1. Demographic data
  2. Young people’s access and uptake of quality of youth friendly health services
  3. Young people’s knowledge and access to quality comprehensive sexuality education
  4. Other issues related to health and quality of life including rights (i.e. freedom of expression related to sexual orientation,reports of gender based violence and gender identity)

 Read more guidance on data for the technical content of the platform.

What we are looking for?

A tool that is/has:

  • Allows young people to share information access to and quality of services, sexuality education and real-life experiences with sexuality and their health
  • Simple, easy to use for young people with low literacy
  • Visually appealing
  • Interactive, engaging and motivating to use
  • Game component to assess knowledge
  • Adaptable to various countries, including language
  • Potential for peer support platform with youth data reporters
  • Easily transferrable data to the analysis software; enables feedback depending on peoples’ characteristics or comments (f.ex. can offer closest location for HIV testing, or health services)
  • Functionality to upload photos, such as of clinics/youth forums/events


Judging criteria

    • Quality of the idea including creativity and originality
    • Implementation of the idea including user experience, design and performance
    • Potential impact on the competition objectives which are 1) empowering young people to share their experiences(through meaningful interactiveness) and build self confidence around these issues 2) using youth empowerment to lead the charge on ending the AIDS epidemic


Grand Prize: $15,000 Cash Prize and funded participation to Helsinki, Finland for Slush 2016.
Honourable Mention (3): $2,000 cash prize


Featured Judges- Steering Committee


Daniel Tobon GarciaYouth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR)


Clarissa Regede, Youth Engage, Zimbabwe


Daniel McCartney, International Planned Parenthood Federation


Mimi Melles, UNAIDS


Mari Tikkanen, CEO & Founder, M4ID